About QLD Facilitated Communication Training Inc.
Queensland Facilitated Communication Training Incorporated was formed in response to interest from members of the community in October 2007.


President: Jane Remington-Gurney

Treasurer: Tracey Thomas

Secretary: Sue Irwin

QLD FCT Inc Ethics and Standards

The objectives of the Queensland Facilitated Communication Training Incorporated are:

    To provide sustainable support and training for Facilitated Communication Training (FCT) users and their facilitators in Queensland
    To promote best and ethical practice in the delivery and implementation of FCT
    To promote equitable access to FCT throughout Queensland
    To enhance and ensure optimal independence of FCT users
    To promote information and awareness of FCT in Queensland

Our membership includes people who have complex communication needs and use the strategy of FCT, their friends, family members, teachers, therapists and support networks. 

Members of Queensland Facilitated Communication Training Incorporated:

    Receive the newsletter
    Have access to the email group
    Have access to current information in the area of facilitated communication training and resources held by the association library
    Receive a discounted rate for training events offered by the association
    Have the opportunity to network with people who use facilitated communication training and others who support them
    Access to our library of resources for the cost of postage.