FCT Videos
These videos depict what FCT is all about... Facilitation to enable sequential movements - Communication that is as open as the method will allow - Training over many years for optimal credibility and independence.
Marlena Katene (An inspiring young woman)
Im a budding music journo but will chat to anyone. i own couple businesses nearing completion of my journalism degree. Want a awesome workshop presentation or whatever give us a call am available to speak, interview, write and heaps more.

Marlena Katena's youtube channel

Craig David has a go at Facilitated Communication
Tim Chan
Tim Chan is a 17 year old Australian with autism and very little speech. As a result of Facilitated Communication Training provided by Dr Rosemary Crossley he first began typing several years ago at age nine.


Kayla's Voice
More and more people are discovering the value of Facilitated Communication. In this video you will watch as Kayla Takeuchi, a non-speaking adolescent with autism, presents her keynote address at Syracuse University's Facilitated Communication Institute in July 2009.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=euz8g7d_q24 (two handed typing)
The following Chammi videos don’t show the content of what was typed

Dan Curl’s youtube channel (Filmmaker - Wretches and Jabberers)
http://www.youtube.com/user/djc08012 (13 videos in this channel, the ‘On the Road’ series showing Larry and Tracy travelling around America to showcase Wretches and Jabberers)

State of the Art Inc playlist
(has Wretches and Jabberers trailer and a number of ‘extra’ videos where Tracy and Larry comment on the movie)

"We Thought You'd Never Ask: Voices of People with Autism" (excerpt)

(Sue Rubin and Jenn Seybert share their experience)

Loving Lamp-posts Clip#3
(Sharisa Kochmeister)

I Want to Say Documentary Trailer (brief snippet of Kayla)