Welcome to QLD Facilitated Communication Training Inc.
Queensland Facilitated Communication Training Incorporated is a group of individuals committed to exploring access to information and education about how to provide best practice in support to people who use the strategy of FCT.

The dates for the second and third 2016 meetings at the North Lakes venue are:
2 April, 2016 (in lieu of Easter Saturday which is the 4th Saturday in March) Please note the change to April here.
28 May, 2016 (4th Saturday in May)
We expect this to be our regular venue in the future, and that meetings will be on the Fourth Saturday of May, July, September and November.

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Josh Man's video letter to Qld Minister of Disability Services, Mental Health and Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Partnerships re: Facilitated Communication.

Facilitated Communication Training is an accessing strategy which may enable some people with complex communication needs to point to objects, pictures, symbols, words and letters for communication purposes.

(Queensland Government, Department of Families,
Disability Program, Facilitated Communication Basic Workshop 1997)

"People who may be candidates for Facilitated Communication Training are likely to be people who have movement disturbances which prevent them from pointing for communication purposes"....

"People who are considered to be candidates for Facilitated Communication Training should be assessed by someone who has the appropriate training, qualifications and skills i.e. completion of Instructor FCT training."

Jane Remington-Gurney. Speech Language Pathologist and FCT Instructor.
Options Communication Therapy Centre