About FCT

Facilitated Communication Training is an accessing strategy that may enable some people with complex communication needs to point to objects, pictures, symbols, words, and letters for communication purposes

(Queensland Government, Department of Families, Disability Program, Facilitated Communication Basic Workshop 1997).

Many people have movement disorders or brain dysfunctions that result in complex communication problems. Having little or no speech does not mean that intelligence is in any way impaired or that they have nothing to say. Facilitated Communication Training utilises a trained partner to provide support to point to pictures, words, or a keyboard.


FCT is a strategy where physical support is provided to steady and control, but not direct movement to units of meaning on a communication array. Units of meaning can be drawings, symbols, photos, words, or letters. An array can be low tech displays such as communication boards or high tech devices with speech output. With trained communication partners (facilitators) and years of practice, many users of this strategy are able to develop independent pointing movements with little or no physical support from a facilitator.